Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. is an American, Southport, Connecticut–based firearm manufacturing company, better known by the shortened name Ruger.The company was founded in 1949 by Alexander McCormick Sturm and William B. Ruger and has been publicly traded since 1969. Ruger produces bolt-action, semi-automatic, and single-shot rifles, shotguns, semi-automatic pistols, and single- and double-action revolvers.

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How do you ship a gun back to Ruger

You must contact Ruger first to get an RA# then you can pick your favorite shipper (UPS / FedEx) ship it overnight and your good.If the problem with t...

How to Field Strip & Disassemble a Ruger SR9

A Ruger SR9 is Ruger’s 9mm striker fired pistol. In my opinion, Ruger is the best firearm brand pound for pound. You get quality, accuracy, and ...

How to mount a scope on a ruger mini 14

The series 181 Ruger Mini-14 rifle has remained a very popular rifle with hunters, outdoorsmen and women, and for home defense. Adding a scope mount a...

How To Disassemble your Ruger Mini-14 Target Rifle

Ruger Mini-14 Target Rifles are rugged centerfire autoloading rifles that provide reliable performance with the following features: Heavy, hammer forg...

How to operate ruger lc9s

Ruger LC9. It’s a decent pistol, but the general perception among the Lucky Gunner team was that it was the most difficult to shoot of the six guns we...

How to clean a RUGER LC9

Normal Disassembly Normal disassembly of the LC9s is very similar to that of the LC9 and the steps shown below are also very similar to that shown in ...

How to replace the barrel on a ruger 10 22 rifle

Installing a new barrel is the most popular upgrade for your Ruger 10/22 carbine. And, it’s easy to do! Your original 10/22 Instruction Manual t...

How To Modify a Ruger 10/22 semi-automatic rifle

Sure, it’s illegal as hell without the right paperwork, but you know you’ve thought about it.  Shooting full-auto is an awful waste of ammo, it’s hard...

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