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Glock 26
Glock 26

The G43 is our new single stack, 9mm pistol. The G43 is the most highly desired and anticipated release in GLOCKs history. The G43 is the answer to your everyday concealed carry needs. It's ultra-concealable, accurate and fantastic for all shooters regardless of hand size. The grip has a built in beaver tail design which allows the shooter to acquire a high and tight grip. The aggressive texture of the grip lets the shooter more easily operate the pistol. The large magazine catch allows for easy removal of the six round magazine.

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Out of the box, it is about a four star gun, but I knocked one off because you have to pull the trigger to take the gun down. The fact that GLOCK seems to be the only major manufacturer that still has this design suggests that it may be time for a change..By Jim Barrett | The truth about guns



No doubt some will buy one standard sight set and one standard sight set plus the Firefly. That way they get two glowing sights that will hold their glow forever for $15.50 apiece, for those who have more than one pistol..

By Massad Ayoob | Personal Defense World




REW says:

I love the reliability of Glocks.I can remember when concealed carry handguns almost always meant revolver.The reason being is that almost all of the candidates in the semi auto family (Walther PP,PPK,Browning Hi Power,and Colt 1911 etc). would be very picky about feeding hollowpoints without gunsmithing skills performed on them.I am very happy with the 3 Glocks (30,19,and 26) that I own and carry.

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