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The Glock 17 is the original 9×19mm Parabellum model, with a standard magazine capacity of 17 rounds. Several modified versions of the Glock 17 have been introduced.

  • The Glock 17C, introduced in 1996, incorporates slots cut in the barrel and slide to compensate for muzzle rise and recoil. Many other Glock pistols now come with this option, all with a "C" suffix on the slide.
  • The Glock 17L, introduced in 1988, incorporates a longer slide and extended barrel. Initially, the Glock 17L had three holes in the top of the barrel and a corresponding slot in the slide; however, later production pistols lack the holes in the barrel. The Glock 17L is manufactured in limited quantities.
  • The Glock 17MB is a version with ambidextrous magazine catch. This model, along with the other MB variants, was discontinued upon the introduction of the fourth-generation models, which features a reversible magazine catch.
Caliber: 9mm System: Safe Action Length: 7.32 in. (186 mm) Height: 5.43 in. (138 mm Magazine Capacity: 17 (standard) | 19 / 33 (optional) Trigger Pull: 5.5 lbs. (2.5 kg) Trigger Travel: 0.5 in. (12.5 mm) G17 Size: Standard (Full Sized)


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The Glock 17 is a great combat pistol. It is fast into action and easy to handle. If you’re an occasional shooter who, like many of us, simply cannot get in the practice needed, the 9mm handgun makes a lot of sense. With modern high performance ammunition it is difficult to be appreciably better armed without spending a great deal of time and effort in mastering a heavier caliber.

By: Bob Campbell [cheaper than dirt]




Pete says:

Problem is it has a hump at the back of the grip which makes quick shooting a bit of an hassle. But I guess 1337 kids have no need for point shooting anymore.



iksnilol says:

Make sure the webbing between your index finger and thumb is as high on the back strap as possible and you should stop shooting high with Glocks. I do understand for some people this is impossible because of the shape of their hand and may result in slide bite. So if you are one of those people, I’m sorry but you might be justified in your dislike of Glocks.

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